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Phone calls are like handshakes
First Impressions
At Baird Group, we have found that 35% of callers are not likely to return based on their initial call. On that call, patients determine their first impression in five seconds. Why? Phone calls are like handshakes. We have developed training that will show you how to make that hand shake consistent and positive. Our popular and now licensed training is based off of research published in our whitepaper The Power of the First Phone Call.
Benefits of Licensing Phone Training
We help you create your own pool of trainers and phone experts, allowing you to keep training in house.
Build your brand experience by developing consistency in phone staff behaviors.
Materials can be customized to align with your mission, vision, values and standards.
What's Included:
Training Materials
  • Moderator guide for training frontline staff and leaders
  • Slides, scripts and other customizable training tools
  • Hands-on activities to put theory into practice
Leader Module
Prepare managers to coach, mentor, model,  and manage, for call excellence with the Maintaining Quality module.
5 Year License
The 5 year license will give you access to additional online tools. This way learning can continue and content can stay fresh throughout the course of the license period.
Train-the-Trainer Support
Have a Baird Group expert on site to ensure training success.
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